Allocating IPV4& IPV6

Allocating IPV4& IPV6
Large Companies and organizations usually us a public server such as Webserver or Mail server, keeping up with this services comes with difficulties and the common issue is the need of internet connection which leads to direct connection to the internet service providers , even having different internet links from multiple internet service providers wouldn’t assure the all-time available connection. The only solution is the use of BGP and its Dual Homing feature which requires having dedicated ASN (Autonomous System Numbers) and public IP address.
Therefore the company service will always stay connected and even after changing ISP you network won’t face any disconnection.
RIPE is the only legal corporation assigned by IANA for allocation and registration of IP addresses in Middle East region. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Free Networking Company A great deal of networking with IPv4 for a variety of companies and high-level consulting services can help companies to get these IPs. Peyvand Azad Company with a long history in providing IPv4 for various organizations and the best techniques can help you do more with less.
Considering the termination of IPv4 and the lack of preparation for using IPv6 in the global level and also retraining the staff to use new protocol and configuring all the servers in order to use IPv6, A rush to get IPv4 for large collections seems to be in priority.
Peyvand Azad Shabake will also configure BGP and create Dual Homing after the allocation of these IPs for costumer.