IT networks are very complex systems. Understanding how they work requires intimate knowledge of a huge range of different subjects, from cabling and network design through networking protocols, switches and routers and on to hardware, operating systems and applications. We provide a range of consultancy services such as Network Health Checks and our troubleshooting service that enable organizations to benefit from over a decade of experience in the networking arena. As well as the network infrastructure and applications, we have a lot of experience in Disaster Recovery planning and preparation, Virtual Private Networks and network security.
Our certified technicians can assist you in many areas including:
• Consultation on design and implementation of Wireless, LAN ,WAN
• Consultation on reconstruction of Wireless, LAN ,WAN
• Consultation on buying Network Equipment
• Consultation on Network security solutions and network standardization
• Consultation on strategies designed to backup and restore
• Consultation on preparation of Communications and information Technology