Stop Worrying About Your LAN/WAN Setups – Ask Us For A Solution

Network is an invariable factor for home infrastructure as it is for a SMB or an Enterprise segment. Installation of networks and network access points is one of the primary agenda for any home infrastructure set up. Simple cabling and installation of a switch can establish networks, but managing the network to prevent outage is still considered as a full time monitoring and supervision job for any infrastructure.
It is not essential to keep a dedicated resource for LAN/WAN management for a comparably small home infrastructure. But at times of resource outage managing the LAN/WAN set up with home infrastructure becomes a cumbersome job for most of us. You can face complete failure of network, jammed networks, slow data transmission, inaccessibility to terminals and peripherals in your network as well as inaccessibility to data sources.
The common problems with networks could be: Installation of network infrastructure with placement of switches, routers and modems Troubleshooting bottlenecks in network connectivity Intermittent network connectivity with poor network performance Sudden increase of network log files Network cable disconnection, bad network interface, device outage Impulsive bandwidth Poor switch port performance Intermittent on-screen pop-ups of network failure message Problems with network discovery Problems with file and print sharing Inaccessible terminals/ nodes TCP/IP conflicts Problems with shared gaming applications
The scope of our support extends to Installation and setting up of the networks with installation and configuration of switches, routers and modems Troubleshooting and diagnosing failure events reviewing system logs and monitoring the logs Installing firewalls so as to restrain the intruders to gain access to your server Load balancing and configure of load sharing routers Troubleshooting network packet collisions and rectify them with proper network establishment Installing wireless routers and Access Points and configure them with minimal outside interference Enable wireless profiles and Mac address filtering for smooth utilization of bandwidth Diagnose connectivity issues and set up internet connectivity Enable WEP encryption for secure network access Troubleshoot bandwidth management and offer proactive solutions for home network infrastructure Any other specific issues with home network set up

Supporting you all the way

Here, the focus is on keeping your network installation proactively maintained to minimise downtime. Our flexible approach ranges from hardware replacement to 24/7 engineering and hardware support. And it doesn't end there; our wide range of expert resources to support your business includes a specialist technical assistance centre and field engineers to support all activities from software updates to major problem resolution. What's more, tailoring solutions for locations that demand the highest levels of service availability is a speciality of ours. All just part of our range of services designed to make your transition to a new LAN infrastructure go like clockwork.

Key features

We have a 24/7 fault reception centre manned by skilled engineers dedicated to LAN support and maintenance. We can support LAN and WAN networks together, so you don't have to deal with multiple support vendors. We conduct 24/7 proactive monitoring and management of your network.

Managed services

We also provide managed service options for the monitoring and management of your LAN (saving you time and money). These can include remote monitoring, remote problem diagnosis, statistics collation, remote configuration and changes. Naturally, this can be combined with maintenance services to provide a full support package.